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Automakers creating Women Focused Ads in Saudi Arabia After Ban Lift

As soon as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Lifted the Driving ban on Women, it seems the Automakers and other businesses were waiting for the day. Prominent Automakers including Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Volkswagen, and others are creating ads to attract Saudi women to buy their new car from them.

Saudi Arabia announced ban lift on women driving a car in the country on September 27, BBC said, soon after the announcement the companies started to post adverts for female customers, the companies are currently posting their ads on social media sites which is expected to go on mainstream TV channels in the days coming because it takes more time to create adverts for Television.

Driving jobs in KSA are now under threat, there are roughly 800,000 chauffeurs working in KSA who are just assigned for female service. Wealthy Saudi’s hire permanent drivers for their women for their travel need which is now going to change significantly.

Not only Automakers but also other businesses that are interrelated with driving such as car insurance companies, banks to finance cars are also expanding their wings to catch the eyes of women in KSA.



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