Baidu will launch self-driving buses in China by Next year

China’s search engine giant Baidu is now planning to launch self-driving buses in China, Baidu is already actively pursuing self-driving cars technology. Baidu was also held responsible for testing self-driving cars on the public roads by Chinese authorities in July.

By looking at the enthusiasm Baidu has in self-driving cars it is not beyond the expectation that it could be the first ever company to launch self-driving buses in China. However, Baidu announced to launch self-driving cars technology in July, the company has already teamed up with other global automakers to make it possible for them to stay ahead in the technology.

Baidu has partners like BMW, Microsoft and NVidia who will shape collectively Baidu’s dreams into reality. While the self-driving cars are in the final phase of development Baidu now eyes on entire transportation in China. During Wall Street Journal’s D.Live conference Baidu’s CEO Robin Li informed that the company is actively planning to launch self-driving buses in China which could change the transportation landscape in China.

According to Li  Baidu has partnered with a large bus-maker in China, we are focused on opening self-driving bus route in the country by next year, said Li.

As far as self-driving cars are concerned the technology is not fully developed yet and strangled with various forms of legal, regulatory and safety concerns and the country like China has more hurdles than any other country. The self-driving technology is pretty much in the testing phase and would require more time to be fully utilized by the public.

However, it would be interesting to see Baidu’s self-driving public transport buses up running in China on a new self-driving route by next year.