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Battlefield V updates bring out precise death reasons


The most recent Battlefield V update probably won’t have a truckload of substance, yet it could even now dramatically affect how you play the game. The underlying Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update has arrived, and it rolls out critical improvements to the “death experience” to plainly clarify why you kicked the bucket. There’s currently a camera that tracks your killer, and you’ll see their name in the game world when they bring you down.

It ought to be clearer when you’re under threat, as well – tracer rounds ought to reliably show up as though they’re originating from the shooter, and directional damage pointers are progressively precise. These sound like straightforward changes, yet they could have a colossal effect for Battlefield newcomers (who might be disappointed with apparently discretionary deaths) just as veterans wanting to gain from their errors.

There is new material, fortunately. The update has presented a limited time Squad Conquest mode that intends to be a progressively “concentrated” version of the familiar Conquest framework. It slices the player tally down the middle, to 32, and has two squads on each group endeavor to catch three points in littler, snappier fights. Squad Conquest might be accessible between January seventeenth and January 30th (“until further notice”) on variations of three maps, yet we wouldn’t be amazed on the off chance that it returns should it demonstrate popular among the players.

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