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Benefits of CTO services for a business

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When you start working on a project that has specific business and technology requirements that cannot be followed along the beaten track, as is the case with stereotyped solutions, you may need a specialist who will take responsibility for transforming your financial goals into a technology stack and scenario for the implementation of this project. We will describe the features of this job position in detail below.

Who Is This Specialist?

Usually, to get specialists who use their technological expertise for achieving the business goals of the project, companies hire a CTO or Chief Technical Officer. Essentially, this expert selects the methods that enable companies to reach their strategic objectives. They are also responsible for technology, research, and development, as well as supervising their implementation. The final goal of these actions is to ensure the commercialization of the final solution.

Sometimes a CTO role may need to define general technical development strategies, make global technical decisions, select and evaluate technologies, determine the duration and complexity of projects, write and review the code, manage technical risks on projects, and hire members for the development team and their technical interview. And finally, in some companies, specialists who provide a CTO service present the projects they work on to stakeholders – it all depends on the needs and structure of the human resources needed to implement a specific solution.

What Benefits Do These Companies Receive?

Now let’s transform the above responsibilities of this type of service for startups into practical benefits.

  • Achievement of long-term business goals. The CTO interprets the product owner’s business requirements into a list of technical specifications that are necessary for its effective implementation, thereby helping to achieve long-term business requirements.
  • Streamlined development process. By coordinating work processes within a team, CTO allows them to avoid the downtime and other costs typical of managing projects with unstable or unclear technical requirements.
  • Competitiveness of the final solution. By choosing a technology stack and approach to project implementation, taking into account current market trends and analytics based on existing analogs, this specialist ensures that the project can withstand competition even in the toughest conditions.
  • The accelerated release of the project to the market. Thanks to the implementation of their own vision of the processes of work on projects, which is backed up by years of experience, specialists who work on the CTO as a Service model significantly accelerate the launch of the project.
  • Economic efficiency. And finally, when you hire CTO remotely, you get the opportunity not only to quickly fill an empty vacancy but also save your money since such an expert will work for you only during the hours you previously agreed on.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a CTO service from which you can get all of the above benefits, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a virtual CTO with the expertise you need, who will take responsibility for the quality performance of tasks within their job position and, at the same time, whose hiring will not damage the budget of your project.

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