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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms to Watch Out For in 2022

A user experience is an important factor. While it is easy to overlook user experience as an extra feature, it is essential to set the trading mode. User experience is important for both desktop and mobile interfaces. The better a platform App is designed, the more comfortable it will be for users. We’ve rounded up some of the best platforms that provide a good user experience.


Security is a top concern for cryptocurrency investors, which is why Gemini offers several security features to protect user funds. The company recently became SOC 2-certified and offered FDIC insurance for deposits of up to $250,000 in U.S. dollars and digital asset insurance on funds held in its hot wallet.

These security measures allow users to protect their funds from theft or hacking. To open an account with Gemini, a new user must first provide their name and email address, confirm it by email, set up multi-factor authentication, and complete an identity verification process. Once you have done all that, you can connect your bank account and begin buying crypto.

It will undergo an annual audit to ensure compliance with the highest financial security standards. It also offers a free mobile app to buy, sell, and convert digital currency. Users can also set price alerts.


TradeStation is an advanced platform that offers many tools and allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies. However, there are several areas where it falls short.  While it has a large selection of cryptocurrencies, the platform lacks certain features that make it attractive to active traders. For example, it has a limited selection of mutual funds, such as no transaction fee funds or fractional shares.

Those new to the crypto market can take advantage of the platform’s robust simulated trading environment. This allows users to hone their skills and test trading ideas. Before getting started, however, traders must familiarize themselves with the platform. While some users may find the interface overwhelming, the platform is easy to navigate. As such, it will likely become a popular choice among serious traders.


Traders can access various tools, including real-time charting tools, exponential moving averages, and a range of order types. Even though many Binance features are unavailable to U.S. customers, there are still plenty of positives to look forward to.

The platform is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with the largest user base and trading volume. Users can deposit fiat through an e-wallet, bank transfer, or SWIFT. Users can then deposit the fiat to the platform in BUSD or USDT. Then, they can start trading on the platform. It is important to note that the platform is not a financial advisor, and traders are responsible for their losses.


While it has many features for advanced investors, it may not be suitable for beginners. For instance, it doesn’t offer rare cryptocurrencies, but beginners can copy their favorite star traders and potentially make big profits. eToro also offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, but it’s worth noting that it has a much higher all-in trading cost than its competitors. But eToro has many other advantages that make it a worthy contender for crypto trading.


Bybit is a good choice if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but you should consider other factors, too, such as its customer service. You should be able to reach a live agent or a customer service representative. One of the most frustrating aspects of crypto trading is having your account locked. Automated bots are not very helpful when trying to resolve a problem. Bybit offers live chat support 24 hours a day.

The platform has a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature and requires users to enable API management verification. In addition, it offers users email and SMS authentication for login, withdrawal, and password reset. Users can also view their account history. Furthermore, they can view all the transactions and balances on their order histories. Bybit also offers 24 hours of customer support.

Final Words

These trading platforms offer great features and a wide range of tools to make trading easier and more efficient. Another platform that can provide efficient cryptocurrency trading is bitcoin trading software. So if you’re looking to get into the crypto market, check out these platforms.