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Beware Andrdoid Users – FluBot Is Not A Friendly Security Update

FluBot is malware and will capture all your passwords. Delete anything that comes from FluBot.

FluBot - Android Device Malware

Android devices are getting a new software update. But it isn’t your regular update. It’s malware.

According to Cert NZ, a cybersecurity firm states that a malicious app – FluBot – is spreading across Android devices via a text message. The message could be about a parcel delivery or anything else. When you click on the link present in the text message, the malicious app gets activated and starts doing what it was intended for.

The message could include a statement like this, “Your device is infected with the FluBot software,” it continues:

Android has detected that your device has been infected. FluBot is an Android spyware that aims to steal financial login and password data from your device. You must install an Android security update to remove FluBot.

The message then will ask you to install the security update via the link present in the message. Down below the install button, there’s a note stating:

If a window appears preventing the installation, select “settings” and enable the installation of unknown apps.

While the message appears fishy, it scares users for some malicious attack. DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP.

According to Cet NZ, only installing the apps will activate the malware, not even clicking would do that. However, it’s strongly recommended not to click the link. Simply delete the message when you receive it.

If you mistakenly click on the link, DO NOT install the app and change all your passwords, including your Gmail, bank account, social media, etc. And if you already have installed the app, wipe all your device’s data by performing a factory reset and then change all your passwords and call your bank.

FluBot has already fooled a lot of users around the world. The malware has already been spotted in Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, UK, Switzerland, Australia, and Japan. There could be other regions as well receiving this kind of message. Just delete the message as soon you receive it.

The primary aim of the malware is to steal banking and payment information. The malware is also smart enough to spread across more Android devices via your device’s contact list.

There are many other ways to fool you into this trap and trace all your sensitive details. Just don’t trust anyone but Google. Delete anything that comes from an unknown source.