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Beware! This new Google Update may destroy your Android device

Lookout for this malware which seems like a Software Update but may damage your Android smartphone.

Android Malware

New malware is spreading to devices running the Android operating system. The malware appears like a system update, but in fact, it isn’t; it just allows attackers to take full control of your device.

Luckily, this malware is not found in your device’s Update section; it’s available in Google Play.

According to Shridhar Mittal, the head of the security company Zimperium, an application called System Update is not uploaded by Google Play but from some third-party source. The application, although, disguises itself in a similar manner as alerted for updates by Google.

If you accidentally install this malware on your Android-based device, it will hide itself and then secretly start collecting and sending data from your device. Then the attackers would remotely control your device using firebase servers.

This malware has the capacity to transfer your messages, contacts, device information, bookmarks, and browsing history, record calls and even sounds from the built-in microphone, and take photos using your device’s camera. Moreover, the attackers could also track your device’s location and look into your documents in the memory.

Google Play App Update Notification is Down

Did you know that the Google App Update Notification is not working? I didn’t know until later.

Earlier, Google took down the app update notifications from the Google Play Store, which (obviously) many didn’t like. Then the company returned the feature but only as an optional setting, which is disabled by default. However, this feature is not working on various Android smartphones.

If you try to activate the feature in your device’s settings (especially on Google Pixel), the switch may get stuck, and you won’t be able to activate the notification.

Returning to the core subject, malware, it is advised not to download any app from an unreliable source.

Source: GizChina