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Bitcoin High Rise Could Impact Hardware Market


On Monday, Bitcoin once rose by US$1,976.24 in the market, rising by 8.4% on the same day. Exceeding the December 2017 high of US$19,666 per piece, which is more than US$15,800 higher than the year’s low. The current price is 19,488 US dollars. After nearly 20,000 US dollars in December 2017, Bitcoin experienced a sharp drop. One year later, the value of Bitcoin plummeted to about 3,000 US dollars.

Since the beginning of the new corona epidemic, Bitcoin has slowly risen. The market is already hot. Last night, other mainstream currencies have also gained good momentum. ETH (Ethereum) once again rose to $600, and LTC (Litecoin) is also close to $90. , Other currencies have a good rise too.

Such news has a relatively large impact on the hardware market. In fact, Bitcoin is almost no longer used for mining with graphics cards. Most of them are mined by professional mining machines.

Graphics cards are mainly used to mine these virtual currencies. For some currencies in the market, the impact of Bitcoin on graphics cards is mainly: Bitcoin’s rise drives the blockchain sector in the stock market to follow the surge, and then various virtual currencies such as Ethereum soar, so the natural mine bosses are even crazier. You don’t even care about money when you grab a graphics card. There is another point worth paying attention to. At present, the calculation rules of some virtual currencies such as Ethereum have changed. Graphics cards with 4GB video memory or small video memory are not very popular in the mines.

Large video memory may be changed. Some graphics cards with large video memory, such as AMD’s RX 570 and RX 580, have become popular again, so the lowest-end graphics cards such as the RTX 3050 launched by NVIDIA may be slightly better. As for the high-end graphics card, considering the news that NVIDIA has directly sold graphics cards worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the miners, I don’t think there will be any change in the short-term shortage.