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Blizzard Wants World Of Warcraft Players To Buy Subscriptions

World of Warcraft

WoW Subscription: Unexpectedly, Blizzard introduces changes to the prepaid payment options of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, annoying many players who do not want to rely on a classic subscription. From now on, they have to commit themselves to the MMORPG for two months.

For many years, Blizzard Entertainment has offered various prepaid options in addition to auto-renewing World of Warcraft subscriptions. Players can use this to equip themselves with Blizzard credit in advance, redeem so-called GameCards or even earn their WoW game time with expenses within the MMO. So far, the same periods of time were offered as was the case for classic subscriptions – 30, 60, 90 and 180 days. Now the developer is putting a stop to this selection.

In the official forum, the company announced that it would now only offer prepaid gaming time with an option for 60 days. According to Blizzard, the decision was made after a ” review of available services in all currencies “. However, the answers to these are less positive. Many players feel pressured into a subscription, as this is now the only way to commit to World of Warcraft for just 30 days. In addition, there are no prepaid options for prepaying a longer period in order to save money without being forced to subscribe.

Prepaid cuts create more work for “self-suppliers”

The discount for the purchase of 180 days of game time was also primarily taken advantage of by all those players who obtained their World of Warcraft access through in-game activities. Here it is possible to exchange the in-game currency gold for so-called WoW tokens, which in turn can be redeemed for Battle.net credit or game time. Since the price reduction is no longer applicable, the bottom line is that MMO players have to collect more gold in order to provide themselves with game time. With this step, Blizzard is also assumed to beef up its internal statistics of monthly active players, as they are now tied for at least two months.

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Changes to the classic WoW subscription, however, were not made. The recurring debiting of monthly fees is still possible for one, three or six months. For some time now, physical and virtual GameCards have only been available with a playtime increase of 60 days.