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Block WhatsApp Conversation Screenshots with this New Feature


A new feature is being tested by WhatsApp that will enable the users to block the conversation screenshots. WhatsApp’s beta version 2.19.106 update was launched in which two new features have been introduced. One feature is of new Emoji’s and stickers and the other is the fingerprint security lock feature.

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The most important feature being tested by WhatsApp is the ability to add fingerprint security. It is filed under the Authentication head and it will enable users to lock the app with an unlock function. This new feature will enable users to block conversation screenshots in WhatsApp.

The Fingerprint security when enabled requires a fingerprint to open WhatsApp and conversation screenshots are blocked. You can still reply to messages from notification and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked.

When the app is locked the WhatsApp users will be able to send and receive messages via the notification windows but the conversation screenshots will not be allowed.

The downside of this feature is that you won’t be able to take a screenshot, but other users can take it easily. This means that either user can have a fingerprint lock security or they can take screenshots of a conversation.

This does not make sense though. Instead of stopping other people from taking screenshots, this new WhatsApp feature will not allow the user to take them. WhatsApp makes some changes to it. But this is what the news reports had to say about this new feature.