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BMW Delivered some models without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The car manufacturer BMW is currently launching some vehicles without support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Delivery issues prevent the chips installed in the cars from supporting the platforms. Affected customers are promised an upgrade. Because the chips originally intended for some BMW models are currently unavailable, the manufacturer has changed its supply chain and is now using different processors.

However, the built-in chip does not come with full support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay yet. The vehicles are initially delivered without the software. By the end of June, buyers will have the option to perform an OTA update. The update will then provide all missing functions.

Many buyers in Europe are affected

Although BMW has not published a list of all affected models, the manufacturer states that vehicles with the “6P1” designation in the production code do not ship with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support. It is unclear which regions will be affected by the problem. Automotive News Europe writes that these are vehicles destined for the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and France. Whether German buyers will be affected remains open.

Not the first time

The verge notes, that this isn’t the first time BMW customers have had to do without certain features. Last fall, the group delivered some vehicles without touchscreens and backup assistants. Instead, buyers were offered a $500 discount. This time, however, no compensation is planned.

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