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Boost Your Memory With Chocolate

Chocolate is considered unhealthy and junk, but not according to the recent study.

Current study reveals that memory issues can be reduced by eating chocolate. The effects of age can be minimized through chocolate.

As per the researchers of University of L’Aquila in central Italy chocolate has positive effects on the brain and also long term benefits were analyzed.

Cocoa flavnols is a compound in chocolate that boost the brain, it increases blood flow and improve heart health.

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Coco flavanols benefits:

  • Increase cerebral blood volume in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus
  • Protect cognition in weak people with time by improving cognitive performance
  • Improve memory that reduce with age
  • Boost working memory
  • Less brain damages to women who eat chocolate after a night without sleep (hope for those who suffer from insomnia)
  • Improved brain function in elders
  • Cocoa can also enhance nutrition to protect human reasoning and can counteract diverse types of cognitive decline

There are side effects of chocolate that are based on the caloric value of chocolate. The point is that everything consumed within a limit is healthy, if in excess anything could cause damage to health of people.