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Bosch To Start Free Charging Stations For e-bikes in the UK and EU

Bosch’s electric bicycle division, Bosch eBike System, and the British NGO Sustrans have joined forces to work on a major project: the introduction of free electric charging stations in the UK’s national cycle network.

eBike System Urban mobility has grown exponentially in recent years. There will be one million electric scooters in circulation in France alone by 2022, according to the latest estimates from the Statista site. Of course, electric bicycles occupy a large part of this sector and many manufacturers have decided to enter this vibrant market, such as Citroën or Peugeot with eCO1.

And as with electric cars, imassive investments will have to be made in the charging range if we want to see electrically assisted bicycles become more democratic in France and in Europe. A first step towards this goal has just been taken on the other side of the Channel.

In fact, the brand Bosch eBike System has decided to join forces with the British NGO Sustrans before throwing the use of hundreds of free electric charging stations on the UK National Cycle Network.

Free electric charging for all

“These charging stations will give cyclists the confidence to cover long distances in rural Britain,” Sustrans said in its statement. It should be remembered that the NGO that spearheaded the creation of the National Cycle Network, a nationwide network of cycle paths spanning over 20,000 km in Great Britain.

For the time being, the project is still in its infancy with six charging stations (called PowerStations), specifically between Bristol and Bath, in Sherwood Forest and in Scotland along the Caledonia Way. As you will have understood, the aim of the maneuver is to “make the roads and the British countryside more accessible for people using electric bicycles to get around”. You can also find out more about the best new e-bike on the market here.

For the time being under certain conditions

On the other hand, and this is where the shoe pinches, only e-bikes with Bosch batteries can currently use the first six PowerStations installed on the country’s roads. But and according to Sustrans, charging stations will eventually be compatible with other battery systems of electric bicycles. Depending on the size of the battery, it takes about an hour of charging to reach 80% autonomy.

Please note that users do not need to bring their own charging cable. In fact, it is enough to disconnect the battery from the bicycle and connect it to the charging cable mounted in the charging compartments (whose access can be locked with a key supplied) to charge. All you have to do is wait quietly during the process. It would of course be interesting to see a similar project come to life in France, and we hope it will.