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Boycott Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp for 24 hours on April 11th

Facebook users are being encouraged to boycott Facebook and its associated apps Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram for 24 hours. The boycott highlights the Facebook role in Cambridge Analytica controversy where 87 million Facebook user’s profile was used without their consent for Trump Election Campaign. The whole Facebook data breach played an essential role in changing the results of 2016 US Elections.

The campaign called “Faceblock” will accord with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s speech before US Congress on April 11th where he will testify about the whole data breach.

Faceblock campaign spokesperson Laura Ullman said, “We wanted to organize some direct action where lots of people could say that they love Facebook but want to see it improved. We chose the day as we want to show Zuckerberg and also the US government that we want change. It’s Facebook’s responsibility to manage their platform, but it’s also the responsibility of governments to ensure companies protect data and to regulate monopolies. By not using the platform for a day, it’s a virtual demonstration that is easy to do but will send a powerful message that we demand better.”

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Other than this many users and known figures started another campaign against Facebook using the hashtag #deletefacebook. Prominent figures part of this campaign are Elon Musk, Farhan Akhtar, Brian Acton and many more. Faceblock campaigners believe that deleting Facebook permanently is not a practically doable thing as many people are addicted to Facebook and in many nations, Facebook has developed a monopoly. For many Facebook is the only source of information. Thus people will not delete it forever but deleting for a day will show the company that Facebook needs to serve its users in a better way.