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Brand New iPhone 2007 Sold For Almost $40,000

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What is the first iPhone from 2007 still worth these days? If the first Apple smartphone is still nicely sealed in the original packaging, then almost 40,000 US dollars! That’s how much a buyer was willing to pay for an iPhone 1 that was still sealed.

The first iPhone goes nicely welded into the bidding war

Auctions have it all: A bidding war can cause a seemingly low price to skyrocket in no time. This is what happened with the offer from the US auction house LCG Auctions, which offered an unopened, originally packaged iPhone from 2007 – specifically the model A1203, MA712LL/A (8GB). For context, the 8GB model sold for $599 when it was released in 2007, which is about $860 today, adjusted for inflation.

While the bids were manageable in the first few days and had climbed to a maximum bid of around 6,500 US dollars by the end of September, the online auction picked up speed shortly before it ended. On Sunday, the day the auction ended, the highest bid jumped from almost 10,000 US dollars to the top bid of 39,339 dollars and 60 cents within a few hours.

Details of the film are extremely important

“This factory-sealed example of the first series is in exceptional condition,” said LCG Auctions after the successful auction. The priority here is the quality of the 15-year-old seal. The surface and edges are “flawless”, and the seams are “clean and with correct details and tightness.” One is certain: “Collectors and investors will have a hard time finding a better copy.”

Of course, we can only speculate as to what the new owner will do with the sealed iPhone. Should it serve as an investment, then in a few years there will probably be a report about a sealed iPhone 1 that is looking for a new owner.

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