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Buy Tesla Cars With Bitcoins: Tesla Issues Warning


As of Wednesday, Tesla customers in the USA can also pay with Bitcoin. The company’s boss Elon Musk is enthusiastic about the company’s start into the crypto age, but a notice warns buyers very clearly about the risks.

You can pay with Bitcoin, but according to Tesla this is probably not a good idea

With an investment of 1.5 billion US dollars in Bitcoin, Tesla has further spurred the soaring of the digital currency. Now you are taking the next step: As company boss Elon Musk announced yesterday, US customers can now pay for all Tesla models with Bitcoin. A look at the terms and conditions for payments with the cryptocurrency makes it very clear that even Tesla does not consider it the best idea. The company issues several clear warnings.

In addition to classic tips, such as urgently checking the amount and, in this case, the Bitcoin address, according to Electrek, the company puts a very big exclamation mark on the subject of exchange rate fluctuations. The displayed purchase price is only valid for a very limited time. If the ordering process is interrupted due to errors, the price for the same product can change significantly the next time you try.

An even greater risk awaits buyers who withdraw from contracts or want to cite other reasons for reimbursement. Tesla reserves the right, depending on the market situation, to either repay the exact Bitcoin price or to make the repayment based on the purchase value in US dollars. “You have no right to choose how you want to be refunded,” said the terms and conditions. The group emphasizes that in both cases there can be a significant loss of value for the buyer.

Normal notices

Of course, Tesla is by no means alone with its advice on Bitcoin payment. The strong fluctuations in the exchange rate of the currency mean that it must be provided with warning notices when used as a means of payment. In spite of all the euphoria surrounding the currency, the cold hard facts are shown here again, which currently make everyday use impractical.