By 2025, Apple plans to release its new battery technology

The research into batteries is advancing with time. Despite all the research and new standards, lithium-ion batteries have proven to be the most sustainable option. Well, the situation might change in the future since Apple is working on a new battery technology that is expected to arrive in 2025.

We have been hearing about Apple’s plan to manufacture its batteries, which might be used in Apple cars. A report from ETnews (a Korean site) indicates that the company might transform smartphone battery technology. The report suggests that the company might introduce a battery with a new key raw material that might outperform the current battery’s energy, density, stability, and output.

Reportedly, Apple is paying attention to the anode and cathode materials since they have a main role in defining the performance of a battery. The business is also devoting a significant amount of resources to the exploration of novel alloy blends and alloy modifications, including common components such as manganese, nickel, cobalt, and aluminum, as well as the possible incorporation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

Well, there is no official confirmation on which material combination will be sued by Apple. However, the company might replace the industry-standard graphite anode with a silicon one. Such an upgrade offers improved battery capacity and faster charging times. One thing to notice here is that Apple is facing challenges with silicon’s tendency to expand under heat.

Given the electric revolution in recent years, the demand for lithium-ion batteries has increased. However, the technology is unable to offer a long battery life. Therefore, if Apple is successful, it might have a significant impact on the electronics sector as a whole because battery-powered gadgets like iPhones will offer faster charging times in addition to longer battery lives.

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