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You can watch Solar Eclipse next week live on Twitter

Twitter has made an early partnership with Weather Channel in order to live stream upcoming solar eclipse next week. The solar eclipse normally follows a fortnight after the lunar eclipse which took place on the night of August 7/8 mainly in Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

It was a partial lunar eclipse on August 7, but the Solar eclipse which is coming ahead would be a full solar eclipse, the moon will block the sunlight reaching earth completely. The eclipse stream on Twitter will start at 12 PM ET on Monday, August 2, the stream will include the combination of live footages from various locations including Missouri, Idaho, Nebraska, Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee Wyoming and South Carolina.

If you can travel to the locations mentioned above to watch the totality then you are good to go along with solar filter sunglasses to watch the moment, if not then the Twitter live stream is the next best bet for you.

The live stream will be hosted by professional meteorologists, the stream will also include HD and aerial drone footage from weather’s network of storm trackers. The real-time eclipse footage would be a courtesy of NASA.

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Unfortunately, the solar eclipse cannot be viewed in Pakistan and surrounding countries including India, China, Asia Pacific region, Middle eastern regions, Europe would see some partial eclipse, but you can still watch full solar eclipse on Weather channel app, weather.com website or on Twitter using the link http://eclipse2017.twitter.com/

North America is getting this full solar eclipse first time in 99 years, some people are skeptical about solar eclipses and attaches it with superstitious likely events coming ahead some of which eventually come true, why this time only North America is plunging into the darkness? Is there a big event going to happen in future for North America? What would happen to North America in coming years? These are the questions can only be answered when history unfolds itself.