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Careem: Say No to Valentine’s Day by Not using Promo Code NOTVALENTINES

All media coverage & promotions have been banned in Pakistan on Valentine’s Day. Careem, the known ride-hailing company in Pakistan recently posted a weird, confusing & somewhat sarcastic post on its social media platform stating

“Keeping in accordance with strict government policies, Careem will not be celebrating Valentine’s day.

You must not use our promo: NOTVALENTINES to win a special gift basket for you, & your Captain. This promo code is not meant to be used on 14th February in any part of the country.

We repeat, do not use the promo NOTVALENTINES

Winners will not be announced on 17th Feb.

We sincerely hope you understand.

With no love,
Careem </3”



To some, it clearly means that Careem is asking its users not to us the promo code on Valentine’s Day as it has been banned. But the post is full of sarcasm, it seems the word ‘No’ in the post has to be ignored. It might be a wrong assumption but it seems Careem is discreetly asking its customers to understand this post.

This is not just it, after posting this, Careem made another post on its Facebook page an hour ago.

The post was

“We do not wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

We hope you are not using the promo today to win a gift basket for you and your captain.”



Well, after posting that they are not celebrating Valentine’s Day, they again post confirming that the users are not using the promo code. It seems they are asking users to use the promo code instead of not use it, subliminally.

Other than this Careem recently launched GoMINI services in Pakistan. The customers can register with Khyber, Mehran, Alto etc.

As PSL is nearing Careem introduced ‘Free Tickets to Dubai’ for cricket lovers in Pakistan. Furthermore, Carrem offered users to watch Atif Aslam perform live, introdcued shadi serviceshealthcare facilitiesumrah offer, discounts all over restaurantsfitness movement and much more.

Valentine’s Day ban

Last year Islamabad High Court imposed a ban on Valentine’s Day Celebrations stating that it is ‘un-Islamic’.

This year as well PEMRA has issued a notification to all licensed channels, banning them from celebrating & promoting valentine’s day.

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