CEO of Intel claims AI will be incorporated into all platforms

Given the rapid pace of developments and advancements in AI, every company now wishes to incorporate AI into its products and services. In line with these efforts, another company named Intel has come forward to show its dedication to AI. As per the recent pieces of information, Intel plans to use AI in all products created by it.

Intel is about to introduce the Intel Meteor Lake chips. It was just before the debut of the chips that the company announced AI incorporation into all its products. Reportedly, the Intel Meteor Lake chips are based on a built-in neural processor. The information indicates that the chips are dedicated to dealing with machine-learning tasks.

Additionally, Geslinger said that the company would adopt a more thorough strategy with the assumption that AI will ultimately develop into a feature that is included in every Intel product and cater to a wide variety of use cases and clients. Geslinger shared these thoughts while addressing the possible application of AI in Intel’s products.

Furthermore, Geslinger added that people are using the Cloud to access the ChatGPT services for writing a research paper, and students are using it to simplify their assignments. However, you won’t do that for every client because, in order for AI to be activated, that must be done on the client, correct? The cloud is not accessible. You can’t travel back and forth to the cloud, Geslinger stated.

In addition to this, Geslinger assumes that AI will eventually penetrate all business domains ranging from enterprise data centers, to client-facing consumer electronics market, and even manufacturing. Furthermore, he said that personal devices like hearing devices could also be based on AI in the future.

Windows 12 with AI integration

Intel is not associated with the development of Windows but Geslinger suggested that AI could play a major role in the next version of Windows. In this way, the users will have the opportunity to interact with AI-powered computing. Previously, Microsoft introduced the co-pilot for Windows 11. It enables users to perform specific tasks like choosing the settings that help with improving focus and performing other tasks.

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