ChatGPT app for Android will be rolled out this week

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT has a fresh new announcement for users. As per the recent pieces of information, the company is all set to roll out the Android app of ChatGPT. Yes, you read it right. So ChatGPT enthusiasts get ready to embark on a new journey of AI via your smartphone.

Back in May, the company released the iOS app for ChatGPT. It was declared at that time that an Android app would follow soon and here we are just two months after the app is ready to roll out. As per the official announcement by the company, the app will be available this week. Interestingly, pre-registration for the Android ChatGPT app is available on the Google Play Store. There is no information on which markets will get the app initially, but it will be free to operate and sync user history across devices.

According to the company, the standalone ChatGPT app for Android will offer customers immediate solutions, personalized guidance, creative inspiration, industry insight, and educational possibilities. One thing to notice here is that the Android app won’t be the same as the iOS app. It is because the two operating systems are different from one another.

Besides this, the company has integrated support for shortcuts and Siri on its ChatGPT iOS app. Shortcut enables you to design a unique ChatGPT prompt and retain it. Then, it can be connected to other apps and perform an activity. For instance, you can automatically transmit the response to the question via a messaging app or save it in Notes. Or you may ask Siri to carry out your request.

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