Cheap iPhone SE 3 Could Damage The Samsung’s Market

iPhone SE 3

Apple could apparently use its next iPhone SE, which is expected in early 2022, as a tool to make it significantly more difficult for manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Samsung to sell cheap smartphones. Allegedly, the new model is cheaper than expected.

The whole thing must of course still be enjoyed with some caution, after all the source is only an entry in a South Korean forum, even if the user has later provided proven correct information several times in the past. What he said gives hope, however: Apple wants to offer the next iPhone SE cheaper than the previous models.

Citing sources from Apple’s supply chain, it says that the US company is aiming for the iPhone SE 3, the 2022 model of its cheapest smartphone model, at a price point below the previously usual $400 mark. How much cheaper the device will ultimately be is of course unclear, but if it proves to be true, this should not be good news for manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Samsung.

Cheaper models Could Sell More

When it comes to selling as many smartphones as possible, they traditionally rely on cheaper models, even when their flagship devices are in the spotlight. The smartphones of the Galaxy A series are the best-selling devices in the world, while Xiaomi’s Redmi series also has enormous numbers to show.

With a falling price, the iPhone SE 3 2022 would be attractive to an even larger number of customers and a comparatively cheap entry into the Apple world. According to rumors, the device with the current Apple A15 Bionic will also have the most powerful smartphone SoC onboard, even if you have to accept compromises in terms of design and other features.

Apart from the display and the housing materials, Apple could also lower the price by introducing a model only equipped with a 4G modem and could still attract customers very successfully in many countries. It remains to be seen, however, whether the current speculations will really come true.