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China Conduct Drills To Tighten Their Control On The Internet

The Chinese government always had a tight control over their internet. These days the tightening is, even more, they are conducting drills along with internet service providers to rehearse in controlling harmful website. The country is approaching 5-year political reshuffle which explains the tight control over the internet.

A three-hour drill was conducted in which Internet data centers (IDC) and cloud companies were ordered to participate. They had to improve their instant emergency reaction skills.

As China approaches the 19th Party Congress, online security had to be regulated. As per a document circulating online credited to a cyber-police unit in Guangzhou, China was to fight the issue of small websites broadcasting harmful information, illegally.

The drill was confirmed by a Guangzhou public security bureau official but he didn’t give up any details.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has supervised China’s control over the internet; data surveillance and ensuring the Censorship rules are followed.

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In the drill, a practice was undertaken where internet data centers had to quickly shut down pages providing unhealthy information to the users.

Chinese authorities including China’s cyberspace administration and China’s Ministry of Public Security did not make any comments on the drill.

This is not the first news we have heard in recent days of China tightening its control over the internet. The Recent ban on VPN service providers and Apple removing its VPN from China App Store also indicates how much restrictions the Chinese government has put on their internet.