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China Imposes Ban on Tesla Cars Amid Espionage Fear

Tesla’s vehicles are constantly analyzing their environment with countless cameras, which the Chinese government is not entirely comfortable with. Because senior officials fear espionage, a driving ban is imposed on the vehicles of the American manufacturer in a popular holiday resort.

Driving ban for Teslas for two months

Tesla and the Chinese government actually have a very good relationship, the US company has invested heavily in factories in the country and sales have been rising rapidly for years. In addition, Elon Musk has always been personally delighted with his good relationship with the Chinese government – not without receiving loud criticism. Despite all this public expression of solidarity, the Chinese government is clearly not completely comfortable with Tesla.

Beidaihe is a holiday resort near Beijing, in the summer the Chinese leadership also stays here for secret meetings. Tesla vehicles are now banned from driving across the city. According to the local traffic police, Reuters news agency has learned that from July 1, all Tesla cars will be completely banned from the road for at least two months.

Tesla paranoia?

The authorities would not say anything about the reasons for the ban. But there is clear evidence that it is important to avoid the possibility that Tesla vehicles could use their camera systems to record anything related to the meeting of senior government officials.

This assumption is also very well founded as the Chinese government has already expressed concerns about spying on US electric cars in the past. As Electrek writes, the Chinese military last year banned Tesla owners from parking their vehicles on bases or building complexes. After that, other government agencies are said to have instructed their employees not to park their Tesla cars on government property.