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China Introduced World’s First Ever AI Robot Newscaster

AI robot newscaster

Speeding up in the world of robots, which indeed are growing and developing at an extraordinary rate, China has debuted its first ever AI robot newscaster.

As per the recently published blog post, Xinhua—China’s state media agency revealed its first ever artificial intelligence news anchor that could talk and act like a normal human newscaster. The state-owned agency has also unveiled an English version of the newscaster.

As per Futurism, the anchor was made in a joint venture with a Chinese search engine company—Sogou. An algorithm having live telecasting videos was fed for teaching the AI newscaster to learn to speak. The post read that the AI was made for decreasing the news production expenses and also for improving the efficiency.

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The AI newscaster is a male having a proper manly voice with appropriate facial expressions and lip movements based on the real human news presenters. Besides, learning by its own from the videos, the news anchor could read texts in as much flow as a professional newscaster could do.

The AI anchor is working now as part of the reporting team of a media agency and could work without getting tired twenty-four seven on the agency’s official website and throughout the various social media platforms. It has also got a Chinese speaking version, but that version has got a different face.

According to The Guardian, the newscaster was unveiled during the annual fifth World Internet Conference of China. The developers while giving details about it explained that the AI anchor is made for stimulating the real-life scenarios and to act as a living human being instead of acting as a cold robot.

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