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China is the country with most Mobile Phone Users in the World

China leads the world in terms of its mobile phone subscribers. Since 2011, the number of mobile phone users in China has been increasing at a fast pace. In 2012, China became the country with the highest number of mobile phone subscribers. The total number of users in China were almost equivalent to the total number of users in all European nations combined. In 2012 things changed in China. More and more people started adopting the technology. So much so that 89% of the Chinese population owned a mobile phone. In comparison to South Korea where 99% of the population owned a phone, China still had to go a long way. Other than this in the year 2012, the two-thirds of Chinese mobile phone users, actually owned a smartphone. This was proved by a research conducted by Nielsen in 2012. Another thing that increased in Chinese mobile phone market was the usage of internet. In the year 2012, 75% of Chinese mobile phone users had access to the internet through their phones. At that time China was ranked fourth in Asia for internet usage through mobile. Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong were the top three in it. Then in 2013, one of the things that changed Chinese mobile phone market for the better was the 20 percent Samsung share in China. Furthermore, in the top 10 mobile phone brands in China, 7 were local Chinese brands.

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By April 2014, China reached another milestone of achieving 1.25 billion mobile phone users all over the country. In Dec 2016 China population reached 1,371,220,000 while its mobile phone subscribers reached 1,321,930,000. Per 100 citizens every 96.40 users owned a mobile phone in China at that time.

The data of April 2017 showed that till that time China had 720 million smartphone users, making it the top in the world with India, the USA and Brazil right behind.

In the mobile phone market generally and smartphone market specifically five leading Chinese smartphone makers Huawei Technologies, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE Corp and Xiaomi are quite dominant. They are steering China’s mobile phone market in the right direction.