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China has launched its first Cyber Court on Friday

China has launched its first cyber count in the country on Friday in order to settle online disputes, the rise of online payment systems and e-commerce has put the legal system in immense pressure to settle the cyber complaints, the additional cyber court will help to increase the effectiveness of legal system which has a dedicated unit now.

The residents of Hangzhou which is also the home of e-commerce giant Alibaba, are now able to register their complaints online and login to their trial through video chat.

“The cyber court is focused on bringing low cost, effective and quick solution to internet disputes among parties,” said Du Qain, the cyber court chief justice, to Supreme Court’s news agency.

The development of new court not only provides convenient in lawsuits but also provides the online shopping the degree of judicial protection as it provides at brick-and-mortar stores.

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The cyber court will be responsible for handling cases such as product liability claims, online trade disputes, copyright infringement claims, online purchase claims etc.

China has the world’s largest number of internet users and the home of large e-commerce industry—731 million internet users are the most important factor in boosting e-commerce industry in China, and e-commerce in China has an optimum role in country’s economy