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China prohibits sales of Micron due to possible threats to national security

For several years now, a war is continued between the US and China over trade. Such situations have hindered several companies from conducting business affairs. A recent report from China indicates that the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has put a ban on Chinese companies from using Micron chips. The reason behind this ban is cited to be national security concerns.

In the past, the Chinese government introduced a cybersecurity probe into American memory chips. The results indicated that these chips were a critical threat to Chinese information infrastructure like government banks and telecom operators. In addition to this, some industry experts believe that this is a retaliation move by the Chinese government, it is a response to the US actions against Chinese companies.

Just recently, the Biden administration stopped issuing licenses to American companies that permitted them to export to Huawei. Furthermore, Nvidia was also restricted to export the H100, the advanced GPU used for generative AI training to China.

China is making efforts to become self-reliant

Although CBC has highlighted the concern against Micron chips the details have not been disclosed to the public. It’s also important to note that Micron had previously noted the difficulties in China. The company has also acknowledged the increased rivalry brought on by the Chinese government’s large investments in businesses like Yangtze Memory Technologies and ChangXin Memory Technologies.

Such efforts by the Chinese government could be a reflection of its efforts to become self-reliant in industries like advanced semiconductors. Since it is the area in which the country majorly relies on foreign suppliers. The longstanding dispute between the US and China over semiconductor technology is being further escalated by this most recent restriction. In response, the US Department of Commerce announced its determination to transmit the US stance to Chinese officials directly. The Commerce Department also intends to work with allies and partners to resolve the market distortions in China.