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Chinese court rules in Oppo’s favor on the Nokia patent issue


For the last two years, Oppo and Nokia have been busy in a patent dispute regarding 5G. The main problem is how much the Chinese company should pay the Finnish network company. So, it is mainly about the royalties. The disagreement between the two companies restricted Oppo from selling its devices in the European market.

The Chongqing First Intermediate People’s Court was asked to resolve the case and establish worldwide FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) licensing costs. Following the recent release of the court’s ruling, Oppo declared that it accepted the ruling and was prepared to pay the required amount, which ranged from $0.707 to $1.151 per unit depending on the market.

According to a press release from Oppo, this is the first-ever verdict that validates the scope of the total royalty burden of 5G standard critical patents for the mobile phone sector. It needs to offer directions for future talks in the sector and allied sectors like smart automobiles and the Internet of Things.
One thing to notice here is that the court ruling doesn’t indicate that Nokia is agreeing with it. Reportedly, the world’s biggest 5G patent owner, Nokia, said that it would appeal the ruling. According to Nokia, the court’s decision is restricted to the Chinese legal system and, thus, only represents one viewpoint.

In addition to this, Nokia claims that several courts outside the premises of China have verified that Oppo breached the agreement. Furthermore, the company claims that it is well aware of its position in the dispute that is expected to be resolved soon.