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Chrome 74 comes with a dark mode in Windows

Chrome 74

Google has discharged the principal beta rendition of Chrome 74, and it accompanies support for Windows dark mode. You’ll see that the program will presently naturally load its darker-hued theme in the event that you’ve switched on “Dark” in the platform’s settings. The mode will change Chrome into a progressively somber issue, with shading that is for the most part charcoal and a Google logo without its’ standard brilliant colors.

Also, it would seem that Chrome 74 could transform the program into a superior companion for those powerless to motion disorder. It can teach sites to regard your OS-level preferences with regards to motion and animations. On the off chance that you’ve exchanged on alternatives, for example, “Remove animations” or “Reduce motion” on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac, it could make sure that the page you’re visiting truly doesn’t play videos or agitating visual effects that can trigger dizziness and nausea. All things considered, it will work for sites that make more settled options in contrast to their progressively unique pages.

In a post on Google Developers blog about the element, Developer Advocate Thomas Steiner clarified the innovation behind the component:

“…with flashing ads, fancy parallax effects, surprising reveal animations, autoplaying videos, etc., the web sometimes can honestly be quite overwhelming… Happily, unlike in real life, there is a solution to that. The CSS media query prefers-reduced-motion lets developers create a variant of a page for users who, well, prefer reduced motion. This can comprise anything from refraining from having autoplaying videos to disabling certain purely decorative effects, to completely redesigning a page for certain users.”

You can read more about it here.

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