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ChromeOS 110 update introduces new features for all Chromebooks


Google is all set to introduce new ChromeOS 110 updates for Samsung and other Chromebooks. As per reports, the new updates are provided with various new features. among these features, a new feature named ‘Channel labels’ will be introduced. The users who are on Beta, Dev, or Canary will be presented with channel labels.

The official announcement states that the channel labels will be presented in the bottom right corner of the screen. In addition to this, each channel will be provided with its own icon. In Beta, it will be presented as a blue Beta bug, for Dev as green Dev <> symbols, and as a yellow Canary head for Canary. The channel label will also be provided with a version number. It will also be accompanied by a shortcut to the feedback tool. The feedback tool is now presented with Top Help Content.

The new update has provided the Diagnostic app with a new ‘Keyboard test’ feature. It now enables the users to find out whether all keys on the keyboard are working or not. A new cross-terminal command ‘printscan_debug is also provided. It will help to debug the issues presented with printing and scanning. Besides these updates, the company has introduced improvements to the Autocomplete in Launcher Search. Given this feature, misspelled and mistyped queries will now complete automatically. Furthermore, it will help with cleared search results, and provide keyboard navigation support.

In addition to this, the company has added another interesting feature with ChromeOS 110 i.e., ‘Select-to-speak.’ When a user selects text and right-clicks on it. A menu will be presented with the option ‘Listen to the selected text.’ In the previous versions, the feature could be accessed via a separate browser tab. With the new updates, select-to-speak automatically matches the language to pronounce the highlighted text precisely in that language.

Furthermore, the company has also added improvements to audio experiences on ChromeOS devices. The new update introduces a new machine-learning model. The new model will work by recreating the high-frequency parts of audio signals. The audio signals from a low-bandwidth source will be picked in order to reduce muffled sound and distortion. The company claims that the output is Super Resolution Audio for any app.

The new update for ChromeOS 110 has started rolling out. It will soon be available on all Chromebooks, in the coming weeks.