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CIA Hacked WiFi Routers For Years According To Leaked Documents

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CIA reportedly has been involved in hacking the home, public and office Wi-Fi routers since 2012. In an attempt to conduct clandestine surveillance CIA has been exploiting wireless routers for years according to the leaked classified documents seen by various Reuters.

According to a document dated 2012, the agency had secretly developed implants in mid-2012 for around 25 different routers from 10 different manufacturers including Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, Belkin and Asus.    

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However, the pile of documents were released by the WikiLeaks website, could not be verified immediately. According to the documents the intelligence agency was involved in several hacking tool suites, which probably allowed them to exploit a large number of targeted networks and computers.

WikiLeaks, as conspicuously known for leaking highly confidential and secure data of authorities, recently published several documents in March that exposes the ways CIA used to hack into public devices. That leak indicates how CIA can use variety of tools and tactics to hack into the phones, computers, routers and Smart TV’s

WikiLeaks, also released documents which indicates NSA being the culprit for hacking global banking system. Pakistan’s Telecom giant Mobilink and National Database authority NADRA were also the victims according to WikiLeakes.