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Classical Music and No Wi-Fi Strategy by McDonalds to Cut “Anti-Social Behaviour”

The most loved fast food outlet—McDonald’s in London has been playing classical music instead of providing the Wi-Fi access to the people. It turned off its Wi-Fi to stop the developing anti-social behaviour, as reported by the United Kingdom’s Evening Standard.

The McDonald’s branch situated in the Shepherd’s Bush has been struggling because of the crime reports but ever since the roll out of the latest strategy things have been going towards improvement, as informed by the report.

Police received a total of seventy-one reports in and around the area of Shepherd’s Bush branch of McDonald’s in the year 2017.

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Atul Pathak—the owner of the Franchise told the London paper that working in collaboration with the police and the local council in the area of Shepherd’ Bush to assist them in fighting the obstinate kind of anti-social attitude, we at McDonald’s thought that playing classical music at certain time slots of the day and turning off the Wi-Fi would assist in setting a different and calmer tone to the overall area.

He further said that the strategy is working successfully and has been taken positively by majority of the customers. It has been so successful that it is now in talks and being considered for rolling out in the other branches of the brand throughout the United Kingdom.

A spokesperson of the McDonald’s while talking to the Standard said that we have already tested the effects of classical music in the past and have played it previously in some of our restaurants. He added the classical music encourages more socially acceptable behaviour.

A spokesperson of the Met Police said that the police is working actively with McDonalds franchise in the Shepherds Bush for keeping it safe for all.

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