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Clubhouse starts its monetization program for creators

Clubhouse has stated its monetization program for the creators. And it will not take a cut from it.

Clubhouse is now allowing users to pay creators, and the company will not take a bit of that. It is a big move since the creators will get everything. The rollout started on Monday but will reach devices in phases. So, if you haven’t received this feature, worry not; you’ll get it soon.

This is company first monetization program for its creators.

Users who want to pay creators can go to their profile > tap on the “Send Money” button > choose how much to send. Users will be charged a “small card processing fee” that goes to Stripe – a Clubhouse’s payments processing partner. Users will first be required to link their debit or credit card to their Clubhouse account to make future payments.

Previously, Clubhouse announced its first creator accelerator program, Clubhouse Creator First. 20 aspiring hosts and creators will host the program and monetize their shows.

The features from the company will ensure loyalty and refrain creators from abandoning Clubhouse. As of now, Clubhouse is only available for iOS-based devices and requires an invitation from a member to join the platform.