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Copy-Paste Function in iPhone can Leak your Data


A flaw has been discovered in the copy-paste option of Apple’s iOS by two software developers, one based in Canada and the other based in Germany. This flaw can make the iPhone and iPad users’ information vulnerable.

Currently what happens is that when users copy information from an app, the next app they open they paste information there. Apple gives the app running in the foreground access to the pasteboard of the operating system which is a short-term memory for all the stuff users have copied.

Now Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry have outlined a problem that when people copy something they get distracted and open many different apps before pasting the info in the desired app.

Mysk tweeted, “You #CopyPaste a lot on your iPhone and iPad?
Well, we documented how a malicious app can steal your private data from the clipboard.@Apple doesn’t think it’s a problem!

What do you think?
Read the full article at https://mysk.blog .”

It is claimed by  Mysk and Bakry that every single app opened by users on iPhone has access to the pasteboard and it can even write or rewrite on it.

Mysk said, “It can read anything I have in the pasteboard: Photos, PDFs, texts, passwords, and whatever data type you can copy. This revelation was shocking to me. It was the reason that pushed me to write a demo app, documents the work, and send it to Apple.”

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If users copy-paste a password, a bank account number or any private information other apps might be able to view it. This is dangerous as a malicious actor can rewrite personal info and misuse it.