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Cracks On New MacBooks Display Reported

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This is a problem that was probably not expected: Apple users suddenly report multiple cracks in their new M1 MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. The cause is not yet clear. In some cases, Apple has already exchanged the devices for free.

The next big exchange program is about to begin at Apple: As the US magazine 9to5Mac reports, in the past few weeks, they have received increased reports from users whose new MacBook suddenly got a crack through the display. Accordingly, it is not “accident” devices that have these problems – they have been used properly and have not fallen or anything like that.

Nevertheless, a crack appears unexpectedly across the display, mostly not in a straight line, but rather meandering down from the upper edge of the camera. Lateral cracks are also known. It could be stress cracks.

The suspicion is that it is a production error, maybe even a design flaw. In the latter case, it would affect all new devices, otherwise, it would be a matter of batches that have the error. In the various Apple forums, there is a lively exchange about the problems; it does not seem to be a matter of individual cases. Of course, there is a discussion about why it might be, and many MacBook owners believe that the frame does not protect the display well enough and that there must be more broken displays.

So far, Apple has not heard of such a problem. In the past, we often reported first about frequent user reports, then about a corresponding exchange program from Apple.

Apple Hasn’t Responded Yet

According to 9to5Mac, there is very different feedback from Apple among those affected. Some received a free repair without any problems, while other users reported that they had to pay for the damage themselves.