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Creators Can Now Earn Via Engaging YouTube Shorts

YouTube announces good news for video creators; create engaging YouTube Shorts and start making money.

YouTube Shorts

In an attempt to compete with the world-famous TikTok, YouTube is now monetizing the YouTube Shorts. The Google-owned app has created a budget of $100 million for YouTubers with engaging content.

It won’t be wrong to say that beating TikTok is no child’s game anymore. This app has single-handedly changed how people make videos. In fact, it has created a trend many are now following to beat it from its ground. YouTube’s latest action plan is one such step.

According to Gadgets Now, who quoted from The Verge, YouTube will be in continuous contact with creators. The company would be boosting creators with high views so that they could create more content. It is unclear how much the company intends to payout, but it is clear that there is something for creators with original and engaging content.

The company is starting this new plan with India and the USA. However, it is also unclear when this new plan would kickstart. But it is expected that it would be this year and will continue till 2022.

Though this is good news for YouTube creators, it is not a unique idea (perhaps for the company). TikTok has been doing it for quite some time. The company allocated $200 million for the same idea. Snapchat’s Spotlight is also disbursing $1 million every day. for the same idea.

It is also interesting to highlight that TikTok was banned in India, yet this app remained popular. One proof is when YouTube is following its original idea to payout creators for engaging content.