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Cryptocurrency mining apps banned: A list of banned apps on Google Play Store update

Recently, Google has updated its Play Store developer policies in which Google aiming at banning several categories of apps, now cryptocurrency mining apps banned on Google Play Store along with others with disruptive ads, Android Police has reported.

Not all the cryptocurrency mining apps are banned in the lasts update, Google has allowed some exceptions the apps that remotely manage cryptocurrency mining are still allowed.

Apple has also taken an initiative to ban apps from the Apple Store that mine cryptocurrency, but the apps that only manage to mine outside the device are permitted, like cloud-based mining.

Google has also updated the policy about mimic apps or repetitive apps, the apps that mimic the same experience as other apps were not allowed in Google Play Store before but now Google has allowed them on the platform, but these apps must not copy the content from other apps, secondly, these apps must add something new or unique to provide enhanced user experience otherwise these apps would be removed from Google Play store according to the policy.

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Multiple apps developed by the developer with the same content and user experience would be removed from the platform. Moreover, the apps created with an automated tool, or the apps based on templates and then submitted to Google Play Store by the operator of that service on behalf of other persons are not allowed either.

Google has also imposed restrictions on apps dealing in firearms and their accessories, apps that accommodate the sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives and similar accessories are now banned as well.  YouTube has also restricted these subjects in their update earlier this year.

Apart from accessories, Google has also banned apps that provide educational content in manufacturing certain firearms; explosives and ammunition are not allowed as well.

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Further, Google has also put restrictions on apps that attract children but contain adult themes, but surprisingly, apps that conceal the identity of people and organizations or conceal their primary purpose, and apps that compel users to click on ads and apps that force users to submit personal information before using the app are allowed.

Google policy update is all for good but the permission for the above-mentioned apps is not understandable.