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Daily Mail flagged as not secure site

Daily Mail UK is flagged as “not secure” site on the internet, the SSL certificate is expired and nobody cared about it.

Along with daily mail there are other UK sites as well that are flagged as “not secure” in the Chrome browser, it is the chrome browser which tells visitors that the connection is not secure, whereas other browsers do not directly tell visitors that the connection is not secure until the user clicks the icon at the beginning of web address to get the site information.

Why is Daily mail not secure?

It is the language of web basically, the protocol HTTP: is the older form of web protocol whereas https aka HTTPS (secure) is the latest form of web protocol to ensure security for the visitors, the https protocol is achieved by installing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on the site which protects the visitors from visiting malicious sites, but it doesn’t mean that the site which has not installed SSL certificate or https is a dangerous site, but computers are taught to tell users that they are malicious to ensure security.

Is Daily Mail secure?

There is absolutely no doubt that the site is secure and even secure to visit over HTTP: not secure protocol, daily mail management might not have installed the SSL certificate at the first place or their SSL certificate has been expired and due to renewal, or the site has not yet shifted to https: (secure) protocol.

The visitors can visit the site without giving it a second thought, BBC reported that there are other sites in the UK that are not yet shifted to new https: protocol including Argos, Sky Sports, and Boohoo.

But these sites are absolutely secure without any doubt.

Chrome change

It is the Chrome new update that instead of showing the icon imaged below before the start of web address the browser has replaced that icon with the word “Not Secure” latest Chrome browser will start showing the text more widely in future rather than icon, so the websites that are still running on HTTP: protocol should pay attention to shift on https: protocol.

Users visiting the sites with HTTP: will either see the icon before the start of the web address or the word “Not Secure” if there is an icon then most visitors would go unnoticed but if there is text displayed the might become skeptical visiting the site.

The websites should move to https: (Secure) protocol as soon as possible to ensure that their users are not mistaken because Google is going to show users that the site without https: protocol is non-secure globally.