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DeepMind created an AI tool that can help generate rough film and stage scripts

Technology is really taking every single task to the next level. These advancements in technology are making each task more and more interesting.

Have you ever had an idea that you knew would raise the bar but didn’t think of turning it into a script?

Deep-mind has created a new tool, Adobe Illustrator, that will help you create your project in a more interesting way. A tool called Dramatron is a co-writing tool that will help you draft your story. It will help you generate character interpretation, main plots of the story, explanations of main locations, and dialogue in the form of a script. The purpose of this revolves around giving a hand to writers about rewriting, compiling, and reediting the rough draft of the story that Dramatron came up with. It’s like a ChatGPT that you can modify into a proper script.

An Open-AI OPI key is required to get started, as is a prospective API key if you want to produce your script in a proper manner with fewer offensive dialogues. I put Dramatron to the test by feeding it a 15-word input line. The software modifies it into a more convenient title and makes a draught of story characters, main scenes, and setting explanations. The dialogue generated by the software was clichéd and precise. Other than that, it was almost perfect, like it had been written right out of my head. It also wrote a scene that was untouched by me.

According to a paper presented by Dramatron, playwrights agree on the new feature’s capability. They co-scripted 15 scripts from playwrights and screenwriters to test it for assurance. It was assumed that the feature can be useful in terms of crafting a complete play and that its generated results are formulaic. Although the suggestion depicts the exploration of a variety of changes in the main character or ingredients, The feature will prove helpful for a generation with creative ideas.

A playwright performed four plays written by Dramatron. The high-quality acting and performance added concept and meaning to the script drafted by Dramatron.

However, the use of this tool can raise an issue about credits for a script. According to the law, artificial intelligence products cannot be given credit as creators. Deep-minds highlighted the output created by Dramatron for its similarity with language model training, which if used officially can lead to plagiarism. According to DeepMind, one potential mitigation is for the human co-writer to look for substrings in the outputs to help spot plagiarism.