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DelivAir Replaces Delivery Boys- Drones Will Drop Delivery Packages Right In To Your Hand

DelivAir is a new technology that will replace courier and delivery boys with drones that will deliver packages right in the hand of the individual. In comparison to many courier and mail service companies around the world, this technology can ease labor work along with saving travel cost.

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If a sender sends a package to the receiver he needs to pay extra for the labor and for the travel cost but DelivAir would save this trouble for the sender. The location of the receiver is detected by the drone via GPS tracking and 3-D imaging. So it’s a two-step process. In the first step, GPS is used to locate the location of the recipient through their smartphone.  Then in the second step when the recipient comes into view, optical tracking, 3-D imaging, and ranging system are used to authenticate the receiver. Now when the drone will reach the delivery location, the receiver will point the flash of their phone towards the drone which in turn blinks the coded pattern. The drone will verify the code and then it will lower the package down.

Henry Fletcher a senior engineer with Cambridge Consultants said: “This system is as about as close as we’ll get to instantaneous matter transportation in our lifetimes. Pinpoint-accurate delivery to any smartphone may improve the feasibility of life-saving applications for drones.”

Till now DelivAir has been used in just particular areas only. A long rope is used so that the drone releases the package to the receiver making the whole procedure completely safe.

Creators of DelivAir say that this process of delivery can be used in critical emergency times like delivering packages during natural disasters.

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