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Dell files patent for two screen laptop with DRM


A patent application simply distributed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office demonstrates that Dell wants to make a laptop with two screens. Following on the feet of Apple and Microsoft, the patent demonstrates that Dell’s design supports two associated screens: One filling in as the essential display and one as the auxiliary, the latter of which could fill in as a virtual keyboard.

As indicated by the charts, the two screens are associated by a 360-degree pivot empowering your ordinary 2-in-1 modes: Laptop, tent, stand, and tablet. For the last two, the second screen will be turned off while the two screens will stay enlightened when the gadget is in PC (or clamshell) mode. Incorporated sensors will decide the introduction of the present frame factor and switch on/off the suitable screen.

However, there is an issue with digital rights management (DRM), which the patent addressed.

In view of the design, one screen associates with the PC’s motherboard utilizing an implanted DisplayPort (eDP) connector while the second uses a standard DisplayPort connector. As per the patent, the eDP part incorporates hardware to decrypt and encrypt content.

Along these lines, the PC will decide whether the content is bolted with DRM and assess the sort of connected DRM: Extended mode, clone mode, or single mode. For extended mode, content can extend crosswise over the two screens, contingent upon the introduction. Clone mode basically courses the content through the eDP port and renders a duplicate of a similar substance on the two screens. In the interim, single mode courses the content through the eDP connector and renders it just on one screen.

Dell’s plan incorporates a crossbar switch, which is essentially a switch that interfaces numerous contributions to various yields. It additionally incorporates a controller that decides the display mode, if the content incorporates DRM, and the introduction of the laptop. This controller chooses the suitable directing from one of the different associations with the crossbar switch.

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