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Dell to End Mobile Connect Apps Before Year End

Microsoft is currently working hard to integrate smartphones with desktop PCs – meanwhile, Dell has given up: the smartphone-to-PC connection option using the Dell Mobile Connect and Alienware Mobile Connect apps will soon be discontinued. That report comes from an online magazine Windows Central and references a support note released by the company. Dell is now throwing in the towel and discontinuing the smartphone/PC collaboration application that has been available since 2018. Dell has now announced on a support page that Mobile Connect, the program that syncs texts, calls, and notifications from your smartphone to your computer, will be discontinued.

Short deadline for users in Europe

Users in the US, Canada, and Japan will be able to download the app until November 30, 2022, and app support will then end on January 31, 2023. For all other countries, the deadline is shorter: the app will no longer be downloadable from July 31, 2022, and support will end on November 30, 2022.

End of support information:

Dell is now writing in the support section of their website to Aus: “Dell Mobile Connect is software available on all Bluetooth-enabled Inspiron, Vostro, G-Series, Alienware and Consumer XPS devices running Windows 10 or later. This software requires the Dell Mobile Connect or Alienware Mobile Connect Companion App required to create wireless PC-smartphone integration.

The app allows Dell users to communicate remotely with their mobile phone from their computer to answer, make and receive text messages, and more. Dell recommends uninstalling Dell Mobile Connect or Alienware Mobile Connect from your computer Dell computer and mobile device by the regional deprecation date. This will free up storage space and ensure the best device experience.”

Dell Mobile Connect – also known as Alienware Mobile Connect – was introduced in 2018. The program is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones but offered more features for Android devices from the start. Microsoft offers a similar feature on Windows 10 and 11 PCs called Phone Link (formerly known as Your Phone App). Phone Link offers the same functions as Mobile Connect. However, the main difference is that Phone Link does not support iPhones, while Mobile Connect does.

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