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Desktop CPU Roadmap: AMD Threadripper with Zen 4 Coming, Granite Ridge Coming in 2024

AMD’s Zen roadmap defined the architecture roadmap, followed overnight by the roadmaps for specific product segments. A message: Threadripper is alive. However, AMD only spoke about the success of the product in the recent past during the presentation of the Pro model.

Ryzen Threadripper (Pro) 7000 is coming

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 is slated for 2023 with Zen 4 cores. It is not yet known what changes there will be for the CPU for the desktop or workstation. The easiest option would be to adopt the Genoa server solution, whose LGA 6069 socket offers a 12-channel memory interface and plenty of I/O. For example, in the past the first desktop thread rippers were cut in half in the memory interface, but AMD turned away from this approach with the Threadripper Pro models and, was most recently with the Threadripper Pro 5000, presented almost Epyc processors in a different version. For the first time, there was no longer a high-end desktop model of the generation. Whether that will change again remains unclear today.

AMD desktop roadmap with Zen 4 and Zen 5, Because the roadmap does not confirm that there will be an explicit decoupling of Threadripper for the desktop as a HEDT solution, it also mentions “Threadripper 5000 as well Zen 3” without explicitly pointing out his pro status. AMD also only advertised the workstation market in the presentation. Here it is probably necessary to wait and see how the market develops and also what competitor Intel does.

Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” Follows “Granite Ridge”

The presented desktop roadmap also confirmed that Granite Ridge is the successor to AMD Raphael aka Ryzen 7000 and will likely be the first to be released in 2024. Following this, a 3D V-Cache variant is also planned to be released later and appear on the global Zen roadmap.

Zen 4c & 5c with production advantage?

The roadmap provides additional information on the manufacturing stage. Since only full Zen 4 cores are used in the desktop and no Zen 4c as in the cloud CPU Bergamo, it remains with the TSMC N5. Conversely, Zen 4c should be the solution dependent on the 4 nm production TSMC N4. The goal of Zen 4c, to accommodate even more cores in the smallest space with even lower consumption to obtain maximum efficiency, logically makes these products the predestined model for the node change. The same should also apply to Zen 5 and Zen 5c: Normal in TSMC N4, Zen 5c on the other hand already in TSMC N3.

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