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DevSecOps: Why You Should Implement It In Your Software Development Lifecycle


The security of software is traditionally only tested in the final stages of software development. This can be costly, as problems will only be discovered late on in the project and will be more difficult to solve. Implementing DevSecOps during the software development lifecycle (SDLC) comes with a huge range of benefits, here are just a few of them.

Security Is A Primary Concern For Software

In the bygone days of software development, security was less important. During the early days of microcomputing, there were fewer connections between workstations and fewer internal networks. This reduced the importance of security and allowed developers to focus on user experience and functionality. Now, the world is interconnected in ways that those early software developers could only dream of, and the security of your software has become a primary concern. Whether you are developing business software or a game for a smartphone, the security of your software is paramount.

DevSecOps approaches software security in a way that makes everyone responsible for it. At every stage and every level of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), security needs to be addressed and monitored. This could slow down the SDLC, but help is at hand. Using a DevSecOps program, like bncov from ForAllSecure can reduce the amount of time spent monitoring security and fixing errors by automating tasks like fuzzing.

Their open-source software can help every developer do their part and pass on secure software to the next stage of development, letting engineers push your program forward with confidence. Ensuring the security of your software during the SDLC means you do not have to spend time testing at the end of the lifecycle, helping you meet your deadlines without entering crunch mode.

Saving Time Saves Money

By implementing DevSecOps during the software development lifecycle you are saving time. This is the most precious resource in any endeavor, and it cannot be bought, only saved. When projects both big and small reach the final stages of development it can be a stressful time and often leads to a crunch, where engineers and managers are under pressure to deliver to a deadline. By monitoring software security during every stage of development you save time at the end of the project. This can give you and your team the breathing room they need at the end of the SDLC to focus on fixing other issues.

The time and money you save throughout the software development lifecycle can be used to focus on other aspects of the project, such as user experience. By using DevSecOps you can improve many other important parts of your software and give your customers or clients better value, which will help make it more successful in the marketplace. Software is a highly competitive industry, whether you are developing an app for smartphones or a program for bug businesses.

Any advantage you can gain is worth exploring. DevSecOps has a lot to offer any software development team and its product. Delays in development can not only harm your budget but can also affect the marketability of your product. You need to get your program to market as soon as possible. Beating your competitors to market helps make your software the go-to choice for consumers and the leading program in the sector.

Develop Your Team With DevSecOps

For many software engineers, DevSecOps is a new skill. By implementing it into every stage of the software development lifecycle, every member of the team can learn more about software security and how to fix bugs and enhance the security features of the software. These are highly-valued skills that will add more value to your team and your company. It makes your business more flexible, more adaptive, and more skilled. Adding value to your team adds value to your product. Taking this step towards better security can help you reap huge rewards in the future. The return on investment makes it worth investigating.

Managing your software developers and investing in your team’s skillset also makes you a more attractive employer. The best engineers in the business are always looking for ways to improve themselves and expand their knowledge base. Being able to demonstrate that your company is willing to make investments in its employees and help them to gain new skills and experiences will help you attract top-quality software developers and engineers in the future.

Enhancing your reputation as a company and as a manager gives you a competitive edge over your rivals. When you hire experienced staff that is eager to develop themselves as well as your product, you are strengthening your team at the expense of your competitors. They have a smaller and less experienced pool of talent to draw from. DevSecOps can be the gift that keeps on giving for a software development team.

Reduce Risk And Liability

The reputation of your company is important not just to potential employees but also to potential customers. Security breaches can become headline news, especially if sensitive consumer data like addresses, contact information, and payment details get leaked to the wider world. By implementing DevSecOps throughout the software development cycle you are massively reducing the risk of a data security breach from your product, protecting the reputation of your company and your team.

Cyber-attacks by online criminals have the potential to cost a company millions in class-action lawsuits. If you do not take software security seriously and monitor it at every step of the SDLC, you are leaving your company open to a huge amount of risk and potential bankruptcy. Not only does DevSecOps protect your reputation and your product, but it also creates an auditable trail of your security measures.

This could be crucial when defending your company from accusations of lax security protocols, or when assuring investors or clients of your product’s data security. These concerns are only going to grow as we move further forward in the digital age. Modern problems require modern solutions. Implementing DevSecOp protocols and software testing at every stage of software development makes a stronger product and a stronger team. If you do not take the opportunity to fold in security testing during the SDLC your competitors will, making your software look inferior to their product. Do not get left behind, and implement DevSecOps into your software development today.