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DHL App Begins Login Problems After Failed Update

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A few days ago, the DHL parcel service introduced a new registration procedure for the “Post & DHL” smartphone app with an update. However, users are anything but happy about this – there are now problems with logging in.

Some Media have also become aware of the problem because many of those affected are venting their anger on social networks. It’s about the latest app update from January 31st. DHL had introduced a new version of the “Post & DHL” application for iOS and Android. For this it says:

Release Notes Post & DHL App

“With this update, we have made logging in even more secure. Important: The first time the app is started after the update, registered users must log in again. The update also contains general improvements and bug fixes.”

One-star ratings after “failed” update

For many users, however, this renewed log-in failed. According to media reports, Android users in particular are affected. The judgment of many of those affected in the Google Play Store is correspondingly drastic – there are currently one-star ratings, all of which refer to the last update.

Chrome makes the difference

The error appears as follows: Despite correct access data, it is not possible to log in again. The app starts with the log-in window but then calls up an empty page where you can neither enter anything nor go further from there. Some users reported that the app “freezes” in the input window. First-aid measures such as deleting the app and reinstalling it did not change anything – it was not possible to log in.

Now there is a workaround that affected Android users can try. According to DHL support, you should first set the Chrome web browser as the default browser. The app then starts with the log-in window and you can log in again as usual. Whether the whole thing can now be fixed promptly with a new app update is unknown.