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Dropbox Starts Password Manager For Smartphone Devices

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The cloud service provider Dropbox is working on its own password manager for smartphones. The app for managing login data has started in the beta phase and promises quite minimalistic but easy-to-use functions.

Dropbox surprised with the release of “Dropbox Passwords”. The cloud provider is thus expanding its offerings with a practical extra, without which one is really stuck these days: a solid password manager. Those who use many services online, shop online, and travel on social media platforms often have to manage more than 100 different logins. The Dropbox Passwords app can be used to manage access, you can access it at any time and you can use secure passwords.

Little official information yet

Dropbox has not yet released an announcement on how to proceed with the password manager. So far there are apps for iPhone and Android. A Dropbox Plus account or Dropbox Professional is also required.

It is unknown whether this remains the case, but it would be conceivable that only paying customers can use the app. Dropbox Passwords is currently in the private beta phase and is only available to some Dropbox customers by invitation. At the start of the beta, the following is now offered: Dropbox Passwords can save passwords in a safe place and then fill in user names and passwords automatically so that you can log in to websites and apps with just a few clicks.

The Google Play Store says:

  • One-click registration for apps and websites
  • Save passwords when you sign in to websites and apps
  • Access your passwords from anywhere with automatic synchronization with all your devices

“Passwords” secures your login data with zero-knowledge encryption so that your passwords are protected from hackers and are only accessible to you.

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