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Dual regional Google Cloud Storage gives clients more command over their data

dual regional google cloud storage

Google recently updated its cloud object storage with new dual regional options and higher accessibility service level agreement. Google asserts the new choices will additionally separate its contributions from market pioneers Amazon and Microsoft Azure. The dual regional Google Cloud Storage alternative gives clients more noteworthy command over where they store their information while giving geographic excess in case of a blackout.

The past default for a Google Cloud Storage question was a bigger multi-regional bucket. Google additionally offers clients the decision of a solitary regional bucket.

Dual regional Google Cloud Storage option locations

The dual region Google Cloud Storage alternative is right now accessible in beta-test mode for U.S. server farms in Iowa and South Carolina, and European Union (EU)- based server farms in the Netherlands and Finland.

Dominic Preuss, a Google chief of product management said the public cloud provider typically beta tests new capabilities for about two months. He said Google plans to add more dual-region pairs based on customer demand.

“If you wanted to do this on another public cloud vendor, you would have to put your data into a region, set up replication, and pay network traffic to replicate that data over,” Preuss said. “You wouldn’t be able to predict what the cost was going to be unless you understood all the network connectivity.”

Google double region clients pay a single cost since they don’t have to set up replication and pay for capacity in two areas in addition to network traffic charges.

Twitter is already using the dual regional alternative as it moves in excess of 300 PB of Hadoop information into Google Cloud Storage.

Twitter needed to guarantee the information is regionally redundant from an accessibility stance.  Google, previously stored copies of the data in multiple regions without telling customers the specific regions where the data was kept.

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