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Dubai Gets World’s First Artificial Intelligence Fatwa Service

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As per the reports, the world’s first intelligence fatwa service has been launched in Dubai—Virtual Ifta.

According to the reports of Gulf News, the service offers fatwas and has taken on the role of an Islamic preacher or scholar. The AI-powered Virtual Ifta could answer live questions via an online chat platform.

Currently, it is only able to respond to around 205 questions regarding prayers, as per Tariq Al Emadi—the Head of the Fatwa section of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

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The service was unveiled at a 3-day exhibition on Tuesday. The visitors could experience the service via a video played at the exhibition briefing about the evolution of the issuing fatwas, which began with face-to-face meetings, then extended with written texts or calls and has now progressed to AI.

Initially, the service is in Arabic and English but would also include other languages in future.

In future people would also be able to hear the audio replies from the Virtual Ifta besides the written responses, as informed by Al Emadi. He also mentioned that the users would also be able to frame their questions as they desire.

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