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eBay Classified Ads Will Change Its Name Soon

eBay Classified ads

Very few eBay classifieds users know that the platform for private sales is called that, but has nothing to do with eBay. Because the US company sold its offshoot to Adevinta a year ago. A new name will have to be found there soon.

eBay classified ads no longer the same as eBay

eBay classifieds is a part of everyday life, especially in urban areas, you buy and sell all kinds of stuff, especially furniture, electronics, and the like. But what probably very few customers know: eBay sold its German classifieds subsidiary to Norway for 9.2 billion euros last year. The new owner is a company called Adevinta, which specializes in marketplaces such as eBay classified ads and claims to be the market leader in this field in 15 countries.

Adevinta can continue the platform under the well-known name (including logo) eBay Classifieds, but that has an expiry date. Because the Norwegian company has to redesign the platform by 2024 at the latest. That will certainly not be easy, because many visitors cannot even tell eBay from eBay classified ads.

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It is currently not clear where the brand journey will go, because Adevinta does not have a uniform appearance or a uniform orientation for its in-house portals: Le Bon Coin is operated in France, InfoJobs in Spain, Italy and in Great Britain, Austria, and Germany.

eBay classifieds is undoubtedly a heavyweight on the European web: the platform has around 45 to 50 million advertisements, and around a million are added every day.